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Amazingly Awful Arcade



Current version 1.0.1 released 28/02/2014 is an early version which supports Keyboard or XBOX Controller.

Coming up in the next version:

Estimated Release : 28th February 2015

2 More Main Games:

Lame Invaders – Horizontally Scrolling Shoot em up.

Chaos 3X – Match 3 type game where you need to move quick or lose.

Other features:

Local Hi-Score tables – Old school 3 character hi-score tables.

Cheats – If you know the cheats add them to the file to activate!

Pandora’s Box – An extra set of games so foul and awful that they have to be locked away in here. Beware! Open Pandora’s Box at your own risk!

Aesthetic Improvements – Programmer art is generally terrible and I can’t afford an artist, however I will clean up the menus!

Bug Fixes:

-Will fix a bug that causes stuttering at full screen on some TV displays due to refresh rate.

Future Updates:

Support for other game controllers, Online Hi-Scores, Medals for accomplishments within the games, Online multiplayer, Add a simple game creation suite for making your own Awful Arcade games, Many many more games and features.

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Boddicker Games

Nothing to show of the game as of yet but Mundus Moriens is going to be done in old Adventure Gamebook style where you must guide a character to survive a zombie apocalypse. As the apocalypse unfolds you will play through a series of smaller randomly selected Stories to gather food, find other survivors and get to the bottom of what caused it or find a way to escape to safety.

May 13th 11:23am • No Comments

I've decided to come out of awful game making retirement to make a new game. It is going to be a text based game called 'Mundus Moriens'. This is a game that will hopefully be enjoyed by those who played the Fighting Fantasy and Choose Your Own Adventure books.

Apr 30th 5:08pm • No Comments

Spent a lot of time enjoying being a dad and not a lot of time developing. I think I will be abandoning Amazing Awful Arcade though I may upload what I have done on it, 2 extra games were virtually finished. I think I will be concentrating on Unity and probably my survival horror game.

Apr 2nd, 2015 9:23am • No Comments

Just so you know, Boddicker Games is still alive even though it hasn't been kicking though! Busy helping a friend get his excellent game ready and then I will be abandoning XNA and porting Amazingly Awful Arcade over to Unity. Have also begun prototyping a First Person survival horror game which I will share with you at some point.

Jan 17th, 2015 10:04pm • 3 Comments

Boss 2 on Lame Invaders - Also with a new filter which can be chosen instead of scan lines, just called the setting 'Pixel' for now

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Sep 27th, 2014 9:27pm • No Comments

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