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  • Screenshots

    AYB MBB ROTBHere we have a few screenshots from Amazingly Awful Arcade.

    All games will be played at Arcade Style Resolutions such as 224 x 256 and will feature awful graphics made by me!

  • Final stages

    This week I am putting the finishing touches to 10 Amazingly Awful Games Volume 2 and submitting to peer review, so hopefully it will be released in April. Sorry for anybody who has been waiting patiently to avoid downloading and buying this but rest assured, it will be available so you can avoid buying it very soon :D

  • Amazingly Awful Screenshots!

    Here are some work in progress screenshots of 6 of the games to be featured on 10 Amazingly Awful Games Volume 2. There will likely be graphical changes between now and release but I’ve posted these to give some idea of how things are looking so far.

    Click on any image to see it in full size!

    First up dodgy platforming action in Blobby Bobby

    Blobby Bobby

    Fruit Defender – A test of reactions as you have to hit the right buttons to destroy the rampaging fruit

    Fruit Defender

    Grid Warrior – Take out the oncoming enemies and dodge fire from the cannons that surround the grid.

    Grid Warrior

    Lame Invaders 2 – Those lame aliens are back and after revenge, take them and their missile base out!

    Lame Invaders 2

    Nastyroids – Take out the asteroids before they smash you to pieces, and avoid the alien menace!


    Viper Wing – Vertical shmup action against the alien scum of some planet somewhere.

    Viper Wing

    That’s 6 of the 10 games, we will have screenshots of the other 4 games in the near future and some ingame video action. Keep an eye out on here, or like us on facebook or follow us on twitter, we will keep you updated.

    10 Amazingly Awful Games Volume 2 is expected to be released some time in February 2012.

  • No more games for a while

    Due to having managed to get back to work recently and other things I don’t really have much spare time at the moment, so all work has stopped on new games for the time being. I hope to start working on them again some time soon.