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  • Amazingly Awful Arcade – Coming 31st January 2014

    logoMeet the new Boddicker Games retro logo ready for Amazingly Awful Arcade. The game will be released on Friday 31st January 2014.

    The initial release will contain several games but there will be new releases periodically as new games or features get added.

    The game will be free and will be funded by myself and any donations made by you lot if you enjoy the game!

    More information will follow over the next 51 days!

  • Amazingly Awful Arcade (PC)

    I know I’ve been quiet lately but wasn’t sure what direction I would be heading in or even if I was going to continue making games.

    However I can announce that Amazingly Awful Arcade will be coming to PC in January 2014.

    The initial release will feature several Amazingly Awful Arcade games, some returning least favourites from the XBOX versions, but will all now be at arcade resolutions and modified to suit fake awful coin-op qualities!

    The game will be free however I will be setting up a donation system after release where money for further development will be greatly appreciated. New games will keep being added but the more donations the more content will be coming, and also further development done such as hiring a dedicated server for hi-score and game information, possibly online multiplayer and lots and lots of Awful Arcade Games!

  • Amazingly Awful Games Volume 3 Likely Last XBLIG Game

    Amazingly Awful Games Volume 3 is likely to be our last game on the XBLIG channel.

    Due to recent information about the demise of XNA we will be focusing our other games initially to the PC and later Mobile Devices.

    ETMD 2 and Hubble Bubble will still be in development but will now be coming to PC rather than XBLIG. This refocusing means that these games will now likely not be out until 2014.

    We will be concentrating our energies on completing Volume 3 of the much unloved Amazingly Awful Games series and then the joys of learning a whole new game developing system.

  • New Screenshots and News for Block Vengeance Alpha

    I’m still hard at work on Block Vengeance Alpha and it looks like I will be finished and ready for peer review by this time next week. Survival and Versus modes are now in. All that is left is to add a few more power-ups, sort out the look of some of the levels, and then mainly neatening up and polishing. For now here is a couple more screenshots. Click on them to see them at full resolution.

    Here’s one of versus mode

  • Another great review for 10 Amazingly Awful Games

    I was whipping through a few sites when I came upon another great review for 10 Amazingly Awful Games


    I particulary love this quote.

    “I would be willing to wager that there has never been a game that you have played that has been as bad as this game pack”

    Considering the almighty Action 52 and the infamous Cascade 50 that is extremely high praise indeed! :D

  • Block Vengeance Alpha, new screenshot.

    I’ve spent the last week touching up the graphics and fiddling with the levels, blocks now look a bit better .. and they now have eyes (Thanks to an idea by Philippe Chabot) : Here is a screenshot from one of the levels:


    Also got the title screen programmed now, and next week I shall be working on the last 3 sets of levels, and making proper boss battles rather than the place holders I have in at the moment. Shall also be doing survival mode and versus mode. After that I may make a couple more level types and then concentrate on the balancing of levels and some more graphical improvements.

    Either Monday Or Tuesday I should have a new video of gameplay up.